Product Placement

Updated: March 13, 2007

According to ITVX – here are the 2004 winners for best value: The top deal, in terms of pure commercial exposure value, was General Motors’ giveaway of a Pontiac G6 to each audience member of an Oprah episode. The car was shown for nearly 4 minutes and generated $5.4 million in ad value. 2. AT&T on American Idol (May 11, 2004) duration was 5 minutes 20 seconds for a value of $6,267,128. 3. Crest on The Apprentice 2 (Sept. 22, 2004) duration was 2 minutes 35 seconds for a value of $4,415,335. 4. Pringles on Survivor (Oct. 14, 2004) duration was 1 minute 17 seconds for a value of $1,626,612.

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