Ford Product Placement in Dark Knight

Ford Product Placement in Dark KnightMore than a month after its debut, Batman: The Dark Knight is now the second highest grossing film of all time. This only means more exposure for Ford.

For those who dont know it yet, The Jokers henchmen drive black Ford Expeditions in the opening scene of the movie which takes place in a dark parking garage and if you think about the millions of people who will see The Dark Knight, the level of exposure for the Ford brand is incredible, said Brian Daly in a press release. Daly is a member of Ford Global Brand Entertainment (FGBE), an agency which casts Ford vehicles in motion pictures.

The reason why we do this, said Daly is to benefit from what I call the halo effect of entertainment. Were constantly looking for ways to present our vehicles in a way thats going to enhance the image of the brand through its association with a cool media vehicle.

For FGBE, successful product placement is not just about showing the product on the screen. They want Ford to be associated with great movies or as Daly said cool and hot. He alluded to a scene in the recent film I Am Legend, where Will Smith drives through abandoned city spores with a Ford Mustang.

That was really hot, and it made him look really cool, said Daly. And being associated with Will Smith made Ford look really cool.