Pepsi Product Placement in The X-Factor

American Idol is to Coca-Cola as The X-Factor is to Pepsi. Yes, the Simon Cowell-helmed show is partnering with Pepsi and integrating the brand with the competition.

According to sources, the winner of The X-Factor will be featured on a Pepsi television advertisement, which will air during next year’s Super Bowl.

The TV spot is only a small piece of the prize. The centerpiece of the winner’s prizes is a recording package from Sony Music/Syco Music, which is valued at $5 million.

“We’ve effectively doubled the prize at least, but I would say it’s something that money can’t even buy,” said Frank Cooper III, a chief marketing officer from Pepsi. “No record company’s going to spend that kind of money on a Super Bowl ad, definitely not for a new artist. Even for an established artist, they’re going to think long and hard before they do that.”

In an interview, Cowell was proud to receive Pepsi as a corporate sponsor for the show.