Product Placement – 4400

An apparent placement in the new show the ‘4400’ is catching a lot of heat online. First reported by Terry Heaton and then Adrants under the heading of ‘Product Placement Gone Mad’: Here’s the scene. Following the funeral of one of their Korean War buddies, a group of guys head to a local pub to lift a few and remember the fellow. A story is told where one of the guys “returned with three cases of Budweiser,” whereupon one of the guys lifts a can. The camera takes a tight shot. The guy says, “Look at this can. It’s just like it was back then.” Cut to a wide shot that shows the table is full of Budweiser cans. I finally caught this scene on Tivo last evening … not only was it not that appealing of a placement, the quality of the old style of the can used did not make ‘Bud’ seem all that great — in fact … the placement seemed more like a commercial, but one for someone in the Geritol demo. Compare that to the quality placements and cross-promotion seen in the Wedding Crashers and you’ll understand why folks are getting all bent out of shape.