YouTube receives complaints from McCain camp

Two weeks ago, NBC demanded that YouTube pull out an Obama ad that featured unauthorized excerpts from the news network. This week, the streaming site has received another allegation?this time coming from Republican candidate John McCain. According to a report, the McCain camp says that YouTube has silenced political speech, because it pulled out numerous election ads and clips due to complaints.  

In response to this, Google-owned YouTube said that it had little or no other options but to pull out content. If they acted otherwise, they might compromise their status as a ?safe harbor? content web site.

Trevor Potter, a counselor for the McCain campaign, suggested that YouTube conduct a full legal review of all take down notices to determine if the allegations are substantial.

What happens to YouTube?

That?s easy. They get free advertisements and newspapers. Readers will be curious, to the point that they?ll click through the streaming site in search of these controversial election videos.

YouTube wins.