Product Placement in Blogs – Ivanka Trumps for ConAgra

Ivanka Trump, daughter of famed billionaire Donald Trump, is launching a new promotion with ConAgra?according to her blog post last week.

The millionaire heiress, who occasionally makes appearances on The Apprentice, wrote musings last week in her blog, in an entry titled ?A Fresh Perspective?.

?With gas and food prices on the rise,? Ivanka wrote, ?more and more people are skipping the deli line and bringing lunch to save money. This is great, but all I hear is how boring a brown bag lunch can get and want something different, especially when they are stuck at their desks ? something I completely relate to?.
That?s why Miss Trump, together with ConAgra, will be inviting 15.000 US employees to trade-in their lunches for something better. Ivanka adds, ?It will become one of the largest multi-company lunch trades, bringing a fresh-tasting, healthy change to the office lunch.?

The trade-in will take place on October 21.