NBC repackages network website

With the current trend of TV networks launching content online, NBC goes for a more aggressive approach: the network is repackaging the site to make it similar to city sites.

The new approach (called ?locals only?) will integrate the website with various content coming from local TV stations, print, blogs, among others. These new features will provide consumers more options when browsing through the website. Even the name of the site will be changed for more local focus, i.e. nbcchicago.com, nbclosangeles.com, etc.

The sites began rolling out last week, and will continue throughout the month. Pending launches include Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, and New York. Those that have already been launched include Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

John Wallace, the network?s president for local media, said, ?Our goal was to create a new type of user experience that’s less an extension of our TV stations and more of an online destination for the latest local news information and entertainment?.