Introducing Filmmortal

Filmmortal is a new auction-based marketplace for indie filmmakers and advertisers, who will bid on each other?s proposals. It is a California-based Web 2.0 start-up company launched by Webtronaut Innovations.  

The company aims to help filmmakers obtain funding from alternative financial sources, like advertisers and brands. The thinking behind the company is that most indie films are not funded by studios. That?s why they need to be connected to marketers to complete production costs.  

?Previously, Product Placement deals were done behind closed doors; between privileged ad agencies and major movie studios,? the company mentioned in a press release from ?Filmmortal makes the entire process simple, transparent, and fast (both parties being notified in the inboxes or on their Blackberry?s whenever a new project is listed; or whenever their proposals are bid on or finalized).?  

The company offers several services to filmmakers and advertisers: (1) they can instantly receive finalized scripts and new products through email and mobile; (2) the company provides a LIVE bidding system that is said to work faster than eBay; the bidding system allows for bargaining and counter-offers to take place and (3) Filmmortal will provide a huge database of product placements in films from 2000-2009.  

According to Filmmortal spokespersons, they already have over 50 ad agencies signed up for the company?s private beta launch. In addition to that, the company has an extensive list of talented filmmakers and they are currently under negotiations with four indie studios and three more ad agencies for strategic partnerships.