Barlett supports Product Placement in UK

In a recent interview, ITV Studios managing director Lee Barlett expressed his support for product placement in UK, saying it was disrespectful to presume that UK audiences can?t distinguish brands and storylines.

?I think the advantage of product placement is that it allows us to spend more money on a programme,? Barlett said. He mentioned that when creatively crafted, brands can fit stories perfectly.

Conversely, Barlett argued that if brands don?t fit storylines, they will not pass the creative teams and will not be played by studios. He said, ?Just because ad sales teams say it [a brand] fits – if the story doesn’t support it – it won’t get past the creative teams.?

Now, more than ever, product placement and brand integration is in high-demand. Both producers and marketers are looking for more funds and more efficient ways to propagate their respective organizations. And brand integration is a viable solution that offers equal benefits to both parties.