Targeted product placements from Xerox

Updated: January 27, 2010

Xerox has developed the next big thing in addressable TV advertising. The company has filed a patent for a gadget that allows discrete forms of audio and video content to be beamed to specific television viewers.

How does it work? Media Buyer Planner explains:

?For example, if a character on a show mentions Macy?s, that content could be shown to general viewers. But that small portion of the broadcast could be ?marked,? and the content could be changed so that the character instead says the name of sporting goods store Modell?s. That portion of the broadcast would be served to viewers who are into sports. Similarly, if the storefront was shown during the program, general audiences would see the Macy?s store, while sports fans would see the Modell?s store.?

With its capacity, the gadget can also be a useful tool in product placement. Using the technology will allow advertisers to insert different brands into programs, depending on the data and information of the viewers.

It can also be used for commercials, showing different content for different viewers. However, the patent leans more on focusing the technology on product placement opportunities. Using the technology will increase the effectivity of product placement, because it will expose the placement to relevant viewers.

Source: Media Buyer Planner