Koma hooks up with J.Lo

Jennifer Lopez may be drinking Coca-Cola on the American Idol judge’s desk, but she’s promoting Koma in her latest music video, “I’m Into You.”

Aside from flaunting her singing and dance moves, the video also flaunted several product placements of clothes. One of the most prominent integrations is Koma’s.

In a press release, the brand CEO said: “This experience was incredibly humbling, from meeting J-Lo and her management team in Mexico as well as knowing J-Lo was willing to help our emerging company achieve our goals and share our ‘Chillaxation’ product with her fans everywhere.”

It gave the new drink much exposure. In YouTube alone, the video had more than 1 million views in its first 36 hours.

The Koma product placement is part of the brand’s bigger product placement strategy. Reports claim that the drink will make around 10 more major appearances in television and film.