My Product Placment matches music videos with brands

David Guetta, a famous advisor for hip-hop and indie artists, is now leading My Product Placement—a new venture that matches product opportunities with record labels.

Guetta recently worked with EMI to secure sponsorship opportunities for various artists, including Katy Perry and Coldplay.

My Product Placement aims to build structure for product placements in music videos. It tries to develop a more creative way to integrate products in videos.

In recent years, product placement in music videos has grown. Artists like Lady Gaga and Rihanna have paved the way for the entry of product integrations. As production budgets for videos continue to shrink, product placement will have a place in music videos—given that they don’t interrupt the creative integrity of the production.

According to PQ Media, brands paid an estimated $20 million to music video appearances in 2010. And all indicators point to increased spending for these opportunities.