Daniel Craig defends Heineken product placement

In the upcoming film “Skyfall,” James Bond will forego his ritualistic martini and grab a Heineken instead. The new plot detail has spurred criticism from die-hard fans, ranging from anger to disgust. However, lead man Daniel Craig stands by the new drink for his character.

In a related interview, Craig said he was regretful about the change, but he understands its necessity. Product placement and branded entertainment are needed to satisfy big-budget movies.

“We have relationships with a number of companies so that we can make this movie,” maintained Craig. “The simple fact is that, without them, we couldn’t do it. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is.”

Production and promotion of the movie alone are worth millions of dollars.

Craig continued, “There’s a big furore about it (the Heineken product placement), but it’s not what the movie’s about, I promise you. We haven’t sold out completely.”

Skyfall, which will premiere a trailer next month, stars Craig, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, and Ralph Fiennes.