New report forecasts more product placement growth

Based on the latest PQ Media Global Product Placement Spending Forecast 2012-2016, US marketers will be investing more and more in product placement to reach consumers through digital and wireless technology.

For the past years, product placement has steadily grown. Last year alone, the US product placement industry accounted for nearly $4.75-billion fuelled by paid integrations on television, internet, mobile, and many others. As the evidence indicates, product placement is one of the fastest growing alternative marketing solutions.

In the PQ Media study, majority of the product integrations came from television and film. Spending for product placements on both platforms has recorded notable increases.

Still, the fastest growth sector for product placement took place in internet and mobile. In the US, product integrations for both platforms amounted to about $61-million. Experts account this to more ad campaigns on the internet—particularly, in social media.