iTVX & Rentrak Issue Comprehensive 2012 Olympic Report

For the First Time, the Exact Audience Viewership of Commercials to Exact Branded Entertainment Viewership Measured During the Entire 2012 Olympic Telecast on NBC and Telemundo.

[PRNewswire press release] —  iTVX, fueled by Rentrak’s second-by-second TV audience data, has issued a new joint report that, for the first time, compares the exact audience viewership of commercials to exact branded entertainment viewership during the entire 2012 Olympic Telecast on NBC and Telemundo.

The joint report, produced by the iTVX/Rentrak partnership, adds yet another piece to the ‘success story’ by looking at the performance of the major Olympic sponsors, including AT&T, BP, Citi, Coca-Cola, GM, McDonalds, P&G, and Visa, on both their commercial and branded entertainment executions.

The complete information set combines Rentrak’s second-by-second exact commercial audience from over 20 million televisions and iTVX’s second-by-second branded entertainment metrics. The results provide new insights, learnings, and metrics that can help broadcasters and advertisers analyze exactly how branded content delivered in terms of the total program perspective.

According to Dr. Raymond Pettit , Chief Research Officer of iTVX, “We were able to see clearly how the strength of the branded executions interacted with the flow of the audience during content segments and compare it to the exact average audience during commercials. A number of sponsors excelled in their use of branded entertainment, and we were pleased to quantify and report that.”

Ken Wilbur , Professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, called the report “…one of the best industry reports I have ever read. It is remarkably clear, concise and impactful.”

iTVX and Rentrak began work in early 2012 to test the integration of second-by-second data to produce comparable audience metrics for branded entertainment (BE) and TV ads. This new source of data provides agencies, media planners, and advertisers the information and flexibility to determine the utility and value of their entire program effort, for both commercials and branded entertainment executions.

“The Rentrak/iTVX Olympic Report provides advertisers, agencies and networks with in-depth insights into how Branded Entertainment and Commercials can work together more effectively.” said Chris Wilson , President National Linear Television, Rentrak.

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