Maximuscle signs product placement deal with Big Brother UK

In an upcoming episode of Big Brother (UK), housemates will compete in a fitness-based challenge—where their amount of sweat will be proportional to the shopping money they’ll earn.

The challenge is part of Big Brother’s product placement deal with Maximuscle, a maker of sports equipment and sports nutrition products. The product integration, which was negotiated for GSK by MediaCom, includes appearances of Maximuscle’s protein shakes and gym equipment. Contestants will even sport Maximuscle-branded apparel.

Figures from Channel 5, the network that airs the Big Brother, indicate that the show has a huge viewership.

“’Big Brother’ is one of the most successful shows on TV in recent times and the partnership will allow us to highlight the importance of protein in your diet to a nationwide audience,” explained Mark Antrobus, a marketing executive is GlaxoSmithKline UK.

Source: MediaWeek