Research says that product placement improves consumer brand perception

Research conducted by BDRC Continental and Channel 4 says that product placement changes viewer perception about brands.

Since Ofcom lifted the product placement ban in UK television, brands have invaded the tube. New Look and Blackberry were among the first brands to take advantage, and they were followed by numerous companies.

Based on research from Channel 4, product placement has enhanced the credibility of television shows. Consumers exposed to product placement end up with more knowledge about the brand—increasing its likability in the process.

Furthermore, the research says that product placements encourage people to show their interests about featured items on television shows.

“Product Placement has enormous potential and we look forward to sharing this research with agencies and clients to find innovative editorial partnerships for their brands,” said Jonathan Lewis, Head of Digital Partnership Innovation at Channel 4, about the research.

“Now that we have evaluated enough campaigns to create reliable normative data it’s fascinating to see the strengths of product placement compared to other advertising media,” added Max Willey from BDRC Continental. “Results consistently show that placed brands feel more familiar and ‘every day’ to viewers; on some less established brands this impact has been phenomenal.”