Assessing product placement performance in UK

Since being introduced in the United Kingdom two years ago, product placement has established itself as an advertising medium in the country.

Based on findings by Channel 4, product placement is generating positive results. The figures say that viewers were five percent more likely to believe that the Nokia Lumia would fit into their daily lives after seeing the brand’s partnership with “Hollyoaks.”

But what does the future of product placement look like in the UK?

“It has taken two years, but I now believe we should be taking product placement seriously,” said Rupert Britton, Liquid Thread’s content-strategy director. “There was a period of hesitation, mainly brought about by the paradoxical ‘undue prominence’ clause (why place a product if it can’t be prominent?). But now broadcasters, production companies and advertisers are working together sensibly to integrate brands into content in editorially appropriate ways.”

Britton concluded: “Ultimately, the best placements are those that mimic genuine human experiences. As a human experience company, we therefore see product placement as an important component of our overall toolkit.”

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