ITVX adds social media to its research tools

ITVX, a research company measures the valuations of product placement and branded entertainment, is adding social media to its analytical repertoire through a partnership with General Sentiment.

As product placement and branded entertainment increase their role in marketing campaigns, there’ll be a higher demand for their measurement.

“Our clients want accurate information that is easy to implement and will help them precisely measure their total media initiatives across TV, movie and digital screens,” said Frank Zazza, iTVX’s CEO. “We chose to partner with General Sentiment because it offers a streamlined social intelligence solution that offers the depth necessary to realistically interpret online conversations.”

Through General Sentiment, iTVX will integrate social media insights to its analysis as well as audience data, commercial exposure scores, and branded entertainment scores.

“Monitoring conversations is just one part of the equation,” described Pete Moran, CEO of General Sentiment. “Gleaning social insights create more informed marketing strategies in today’s market. Old ways of analysis are no longer adequate as clients search for a more complete picture of their brand presence. This branded entertainment partnership with iTVX allows for deeper engagement interpretation for our clients.”

General Sentiment will be working exclusively with iTVX in the branded entertainment arena.

Source: Broadcasting & Cable