Worldwide product placement spending continues to rise

On a global scale, product placement continues to surge.

According to PQ Media, ad spending on product placement deals was 12% higher in 2012, amounting to more than $8.3-billion.

Based on research, rapidly growing territories in Brazil, Russia, India, and China contributed to the rise. Telenovela growth as well as time-shifted viewing can also be credited to the growth.

Figures from PQ Media indicate that the United States is still the world’s largest product placement nation with major investments in numerous platforms, including television, internet, mobile, and music.

China experienced a 27.2% growth in the sector while Russia and India both posted gains of more than 20%. However, Brazil maintains its status as the largest market among the BRIC territories.

In Brazil, product placement is driven by growth in telenovelas.

PQ Media also said that product placement spending for the first quarter of this year is paced for accelerated growth.

Source: Media Daily News