Branded Entertainment Big Data Architect for iTVX to Present at TV:Xperience in New York

iTVX, the leading technology and research company providing global brands with Branded Engagement™ Analytics, Insights and Research has announced that Dr. Raymond Pettit, their Chief Research Officer, will be presenting on the topic of branded entertainment and the assessment and measurement of the multi-screen viewer experience at a flagship event called TV:Xperience in New York City.

TV:Xperience 2013 is a new event that has emerged from Informa’s popular TV Connect Global Event Series that will look at how multi-screen content and ads are fundamentally influencing – and being influenced by – the evolution of the User Experience. This is a central issue for advertisers, telecoms, cable companies, broadcasters, and content producers looking to engage the viewer and monetize the multi- and second screen experience.

The new User Experience imperative requires that new forms and techniques of measurement and analysis be used. Ray will be presenting methods to assess and measure the media value and the influence of ads and branded entertainment on the viewer across multiple screens. The focus of the talk will be on Big Data, technology, and advanced analytic approaches that can help advertisers, broadcasters, and agencies secure a better handle on the value and impacts engendered as the multi-screen experience evolves.

iTVX is working in close partnership with Rentrak to develop new forms of media and audience measurement that include branded entertainment and ads across multiple content platforms. The ability to marry Rentrak’s second-by-second TV audience data with multiple data streams, such as branded entertainment, social media, second-screen, and digital video content is opening up new horizons in Big Data analytics and helping clients get a more holistic perspective of the viewer experience across multiple screens.

Ray will be speaking at Informa’s TV:Xperience event taking place in New York City on July 15th – 17th, 2013. He is currently Chief Research Officer of iTVX, a leader in the branded entertainment space. Pettit’s responsibilities are to foster and lead strategic analytic direction and initiatives for the company by developing new applications that better serve branded engagement effectiveness across all content platforms. He is the primary architect of the growing infusion of research, forensic intelligence, and Big Data Analytics into iTVX’s core offerings.

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