Trivie® Helps Top-Tier Entertainment Properties Connect With Fans Through Branded Trivia Apps

Trivie Spotlight Debuts with Influential Media Partnerships – Fox, Snoop Dogg, Sugar Ray Leonard, Billboard Magazine, Sara Evans and More

[PRNewswire press release] — Trivie, Inc., the makers of “Battle of Wits,” one of the most highly rated trivia games in the App Store, today announced its mobile publishing platform called “Trivie Spotlight” along with several new partnerships including TV shows from FOX, entertainers such as Snoop Dogg, Sara Evans, sports’ legends like Sugar Ray Leonard, print media and online publications such as Billboard Magazine, Little Brown & Co. Bartlett’s Quotes. Trivie’s patent-pending platform enables brands to quickly and easily create officially licensed trivia apps to connect with their fans directly through exciting knowledge-filled game play.  Trivie worked closely with each brand to develop thousands of customized trivia questions and re-skinned the app’s look and feel in alignment with their brands’ IP – while delivering these games through Trivie’s storefront. Essentially, Trivie has created the app store for trivia.  Most of these apps are available for free downloadable today in the App Store here:!/id510337121?mt=8

“Trivie gives our fans a new way to connect with one another and show off their know-how of their favorite FOX TV shows,” said Jeff Schwartz, associate director, mobile at Fox Digital.

A top influencer with over 40 million fans across his social platforms, Snoop Dogg said, “You can now play a game about everything there is to know about me, and my music. I bet you’ll be surprised by how much you may already know.”

New Trivie Apps Available

The following officially licensed and branded Trivie Spotlight apps for iOS are available and downloadable today. Here’s a sneak peek on what fans will encounter while playing them.

  1. Fox’s “Bones” – Trivia questions vary from show insider information, “When they need to chew over a case, what is the name of the diner where you can find Booth and Brennan?” to complex terms such as “Perhaps it’s in his genetic make-up. Booth suffers from coulrophobia, which is a fear of what?”
  2. Snoop Dogg – By answering Snoop’s questions, fans can discover little-known facts about one of the world’s most famous rappers, ranging from “Debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and R&B charts, what is the name of Snoop Dogg’s first album?” to “After experiencing a spiritual awakening in Jamaica, Snoop announced he was what music legend reincarnated?”
  3. Sara Evans – Sara’s game features exclusive trivia and little-known facts about her journey from Midwestern farm girl to multi-platinum recording artist. Her questions include “Sara Evans competed for the mirror ball trophy on what ABC reality show?” “Sara Evans burst onto the country scene in 1997 with what debut album?” and “Sara Evans’ hit single “Suds in the Bucket” was released in what year?”
  4. Sugar Ray Leonard – Sugar Ray Leonard is one of the legendary sports icons of the 20th Century whose very name epitomizes boxing and conjures the image of a champion. His “Knock Out Trivia” game focuses on historical milestones such as “Who was Sugar Ray Leonard’s opponent in the famous No Más Fight of 1980?” and “In 1973’s “The Sundown Showdown,” or boxing factoids like, “who defeated Joe Frazier in a two minute and 35 second boxing match?”
  5. Billboard Magazine Hot 100 – Billboard’s Hot 100 app tests your music genius from the British Invasion to the Harlem Shake. Fans can show off their knowledge and discover fun facts from decades of Hot 100 hits with questions such as “What indie act had its first No. 1 song on the Hot 100 with “Thrift Shop” in 2013?” and “Maroon 5’s 2012 hit song shared its name with what obsolete communication device?”
  6. Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop – With this game, fans can show off their love and knowledge of R&B and Hip-Hop while challenging their friends to prove mastery of music trivia from old school classics to today’s chart-toppers. Questions vary from “Whose debut studio album, ‘Channel Orange,’ hit No. 1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart in 2012?” to  “What rapper was once part of the group Soul Intent in the mid-’90s?”
  7. Billboard Country – Country music fans can show off their smarts by answering questions based on fun facts from country legends and today’s superstars. Questions encompass industry awards, “In 2013, what band collected its third No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Songs chart with “Better Dig Two”?  to artist-specific, “Who is the only artist to have a No. 1 song with two different recorded versions of the same song?”
  8. Little Brown & Co. Bartlett’s Quotes – The official Bartlett’s game features familiar quotations, classic quotes and modern favorites, ranging from William Shakespeare to Steve Jobs. These quotations span 5,000 years of art, science and politics with who-said-this type of questions offering quotes such as “The earth belongs to the living, not to the dead” and “Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
  9. Earth Day – Trivie’s Earth Day game celebrates our amazing planet Earth and includes questions about protecting our planet’s natural resources and inspiring awareness. Sample questions include “Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for how long?” and “Per the phrase coined by environmentalist René Dubos, you should “think globally” and do what?”

In addition to these new apps, Trivie has partnered with many other TV networks, major celebrities, recording artists, Hollywood studios, athletes, and media publications to launch new games every month.

“Trivia contests are a fun way to interact with family, friends, and co-workers of similar interests. With our first-of-its kind gaming platform, people can create and compete in custom-themed trivia contests on their favorite celebrities, teams, bands and brands,” said Lawrence Schwartz, chief executive officer of Trivie. “Trivie is all things trivia, and we see this as just the beginning of our ‘show what you know’ strategy.”

About Trivie

Trivie is the maker of the mobile industry’s foremost trivia game, “Battle of Wits” that matches people with similar interests to compete against one another in trivia contests based on the fun of showing off their smarts. With over 300 categories, and featuring over 80,000 questions, Trivie combines slot machine mechanics and virtual wagering in a lively social format with the look and feel of a game show. Fun and fast-paced, Trivie is filled with interesting facts about sports, TV, movies, history, pop culture, and more. With Trivie, you can have a battle of wits with anyone, anytime.

Trivie Specs: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 or later.

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