Director Neill Blomkamp’s unique approach to product placement

Neill Blomkamp, the South African-Canadian film director and writer, hopes that his selection of product placements would enhance fan experience for his upcoming movie “Elysium.”

Typically, moviegoers aren’t excited to see product placement in films. But Blomkamp intends to use these non-traditional ad methods to create a more authentic experience for audiences. The 33-year-old went out of his way to find brands to fit the futuristic setting of the film.

“This film has been an oddity in the product-placement world because I am not looking for any money from the brands we are using,” wrote Blomkamp in a letter to Bugatti. “I really want them because I [can] make the film better.”

Blomkamp says that he chose Bugatti because it was organic to the film setting of Elysium, where the earth’s wealthiest individuals reside in.

“If you had a bunch of rich people living up there [Elysium], they would have the equivalent of Ferraris and Bugattis that they fly around with,” Blomkamp said to The Wall Street Journal. “Basically, what I wanted to do was make a Bugatti that’s 150 years in the future, and those don’t come with wheels.”

Conversely, people in earth drive more affordable vehicles, like the Nissan GT-R.