Top Chef hosts talks about the show’s product placements

Product placement has become an integral part of reality television. And not everyone likes it.

Top Chef, a reality television cooking show, is known for promoting products in its shows—which goes to the dislike of one of its hosts, Padma Lakshmi.

The cook-book author and model says that product placement has become a “crappy” obligation.

“With advertising for us, it’s a very expensive show to do, so there are times when we have people who come in—or corporations or products—and it’s ‘OK this is the challenge for Uncle Ben’s’ or whatever,” said the 42-year-old in a related interview.

She continued: “It’s pretty straightforward. I’m the one on air who gets kind of most, I don’t want to say saddled or slammed with the crappy part of it, but I feel like I do because I have to say and I’m not going to use any brand … it’s never something that’s straightforward. I wind up saying the brand name in my intro to the challenge to these chefs. ‘Get in your car,’ it’s ‘Get in your blah, blah, blah car.’ I have to make that shit sound natural, and it’s hard.”

Lakshmi also praised the show’s producers for good integrations, including the Reynolds Quickfire challenge.

Most recently, experts criticized Top Chef for having too many product placements. Extra revenue is always welcome from advertising; however, when advertising starts to disrupt content, it might be time to reconsider the arrangement.

Source: Huffington Post