InterMedia Entertainment names new head

The InterMedia Group of Companies has appointed Rob Levy, a branded entertainment guru, as the head of its InterMedia Entertainment.

As the President, Levy will be responsible for the company’s celebrity endorsement and branded entertainment deals. He will also manage the group’s talent and entertainment partnerships and intellectual property ventures.

While Levy is primarily known for his work in the branded entertainment industry, he also helped promote and launch product lines for different companies.

“Bringing aboard Rob Levy as President gives us a leader who can steer InterMedia Entertainment(TM) into the heart of the industry,” explained President and CEO of Intermedia Group of Companies Robert Yallen. “Rob will build on our highly successful relationships and take us to new heights with his proven track record and intimate knowledge of the business. We are thrilled to have him at the helm and look forward to dynamic growth under his direction.”

“I couldn’t be more pleased to have landed at InterMedia Entertainment(TM) where I can indulge my twin passions for entertainment and advertising simultaneously,” commented Levy. “I look forward to exciting times ahead as we open new doors in branded entertainment, and create productive and prosperous celebrity partnerships.”