Volkswagen wins golden lion for its Chinese branded entertainment campaign

Volkswagen, the German auto manufacturer, reeled in a total of 20 awards during the International Festival of Creativity in Cannes.

The festival’s 300 jury members recognized Volkswagen as the best in the industry across seven categories. The car maker also received a golden lion for its branded entertainment campaign in China.

The iconic company’s ad campaign in China (titled “The People’s Car Project”) took the gold for “Branded Content & Entertainment Lions.” It was selected from a pool of the best branded entertainment productions from around the world.

The campaign demonstrated the development of a vehicle geared for the future. It was an automobile that was designed by more than 30,000 people.

Two years ago, Volkswagen kicked off an initiative to find the ideal vehicle for the Chinese driver. More than 250,000 ideas were submitted by design students as well as engineers. The design eventually culminated into the branded entertainment campaign.

Volkswagen also won for different creative campaigns in Germany, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Source: The Auto Channel