Bugatti gives us a taste of the future in “Elysium”

Bugatti, popularly known as the world’s fastest car, will make an appearance as a luxury space vehicle in the Neill Blomkamp’s “Elysium.”

The film is set on a world divided by poverty and excess. And Bugatti represents the latter in this epic science fiction movie.

“They make the most expensive cars in the world and they also make the fastest cars in the world,” explained Blomkamp when asked why he chose Bugatti for the product placement. “So I wrote Bugatti an email saying, would it be possible to get this in the movie? And astoundingly, they said yes.”

According to representatives from Bugatti, this is the first time a major film production requested a product placement from the company.

In the movie, the Bugatti space shuttle is designed with futuristic technologies.

“In 2154 [the year in which ‘Elysium’ is set], we probably would build shuttles,” said Emanuela Wilm, general manager of Bugatti for the Americas. “In 200 years, what is now the private plane will be the space shuttle.”