Mike Mellia dissects branded entertainment and product placement through art

Mike Mellia, a photographer, designed his latest project based on the world of product placement and branded entertainment.

Mellia created a series of portraits featuring his own line of products. He placed the pieces in areas where you’d typically find product ads. Critics say that his latest masterpiece is reminiscent of Andy Warhol.

“I’ve always been interested in the intersection between advertising and fine art,” said Mellia in an interview with Co.Create. “Deconstructing these American icons of advertising was a way to address many social and cultural aspects of the social media generation.”

Each of the pieces contains a portrait of the artist, blended with a logo of a famous consumer good. In selecting the products for the pieces, he looked for universally recognizable ads. He used popular mascots, like the Marlboro Man, to show how brands sell themselves, and how these marketing campaigns relate to consumers.

“In a consumer-driven society of product-placement and constant contact through technology,” explained Mellia. “The self-absorbed Facebook generation and advertisers make the exact same self-branding decisions.”

For more on Mellia’s art, please visit Co.Create.