Cinematique’s interactive video platform can be a great ally for product placement

Interaction can be a very powerful companion for product placement. And this is what Cinematique, a startup company, offers in its new MTEVideo platform.

In videos by Cinematique, prompts appear on selected products. If a product is clicked, the video will display basic information about it. And after viewing the video, consumers can click the Cinematique icon to see a summary of the information from all the products they selected.

Experts say that the new platform has tremendous e-commerce potential.

Similar to tagging pictures, tagging items on video can be a good marketing tool. While the features do not force immediate purchases, it can give marketers detailed information about people that are interested in their products.

Randy Ross—CEO of Cinematique—says that its video platform doesn’t necessarily have to be used for advertising. Ross says that its use depends entirely on the director, who can select which items to tag.

Ross believes that interactive videos will soon carve a permanent place in the online platform. “It will become commonplace.”

He continued: “People will just expect that they can touch things in a video, whether it’s a video with models showing off dresses or a car video or an architecture video or a real estate video where the furniture and the building are touchable.”

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