UK film studio hires Alexander PR for product placement and branded entertainment

Number 9 Films, a London-based studio, has hired Alexander PR to handle branded entertainment and product placement for its latest film—which boasts a cast top-billed by Cate Blanchett.

According to reports, the studio has instructed Alexander PR to forge partnerships with brands that can trace their heritage to America during the 1950s.

“Brand product placement in UK film is relatively new, and we welcome support from brands in this way,” explained Peter Ongunsalu, a producer from Number 9 Films. “We are bringing in Alexander PR to ensure our productions benefit from these partnerships.”

The movie—titled Carol—is an adaptation of the book “The Price of Salt by The Talented Mr. Ripley,” which was written by Patricia Highsmith.

Adam Rutherford—director of Alexander PR—says that his company will promote the brand partnerships with integrated PR campaigns.

Source: PRWeek