Intel and Toshiba create branded opportunities for other marketers with web series

Previously, brands were driven by exposure and consumer engagement to pursue branded entertainment and product placement. However, they can now be encouraged by another incentive: such productions might convince other brands to pay to be included.

Such is the case for Pereira & O’Dell’s latest web series for Intel and Toshiba titled “The Power Inside.” It has driven a number of brands to sign product placements for the branded production.

Skype, Fossil, Skullcandy, and Spotify are paying for placements with merchandise and not cash. The branded goods will be given to winners of weekly contests that are linked to the series. They’ll also serve as freebies whenever consumers in the United States buy a Toshiba laptop, which is promoted by the series.

Initially, the production was offered to other marketers to create savings for Intel.

“Our budget is limited for promoting the film and for giveaways,” explained Billie Goldman, Intel’s manager for partner marketing. Goldman says that third-party advertisers help create a buzz for the product via social media, public relations, as well as paid media

The Power Inside, which is the third online social film of Intel/Toshiba, features popular Hollywood talents and a high-production value. Plus, it gives value to audience input. The six-part comedy series features the likes of Harvey Keitel.

Source: AdWeek