Countryfile presenters under fire due to overt product placement

Presenters of the popular BBC1 show “Countryfile” are being criticized for an overt product placement.

Viewers have complained about a product placement of an outdoor clothing brand. Presenters of the show (Matt Baker, John Craven, and Julia Bradbury) wore the same brand of Rab clothing, which—according to the TV bosses—gave the label undue prominence.

The clothing apparel was featured in two episodes last year.

According to sources, the presenters insisted that it was just “coincidence” and not “collusion” which led them to wear the same brand for those two episodes.

“On each occasion the two presenters were working in different locations and with different directors,” explained BBC. “So it wasn’t until the final editing stage that the problem became apparent.”

Apparently, presenters of the show—which is said to attract some six-million viewers regularly—supply their own clothing and they choose what to wear during filming.

BBC says that the highlighted incident is not equivalent to product placement as there was no evidence that the presenters wore the clothes in exchange for payment or other considerations.

Source: Daily Star