Avril Lavigne shares the screen with the Sony Xperia in her latest music video

Sony has placed itself brilliantly (or too overt) in Avril Lavigne’s latest song and music video, “Rock N Roll.”

“Oh, my new Sony phone is ringing,” says the pop star. The line, which appears at the start of the video, shows Lavigne pulling out her Xperia from a water-filled vase—which also highlighted the phone’s water-proof feature. Then she says, “It’s water resistant, don’t you know? Well, how much more obvious can I make it?”

The line immediately prompted critics to think that this was an obvious product placement arrangement.

Reports later confirmed that Sony paid for the Xperia product placement. Still, it won’t stop some audiences from cringing upon seeing the integration, thinking “Is this a music video or an advertisement?”

Source: CNET