Verizon Goes Native For Apple News

Verizon Media is all in on native advertising for Apple News in Australia, Canada and the U.K. According to Mediapost, this deal provides advertisers the option to run native advertising in both the Apple News and Apple stocks app across iPhone, iPad and Mac thru Verizon Media Ad Platform, the company’s native marketplace and DSP.

The Verizon Native offering is not available in the United States.

According to research from Adyoulike’, the US will lead the global native advertising markets by 2025, increasing from $29.56bn in 2020, to $139.5bn in 2025. The UK, Germany, and France will help Western Europe grow to be worth an estimated $92.37bn by 2025.

In Europe, the UK will be the largest native advertising market, expecting a growth from $5.81bn in 2020 to $27.42bn by 2025. Germany will climb from $4.43bn to $20.90bn by 2025, followed by France, which will increase from $2.03bn in 2020 to $9.58bn by 2025.

Specifically, Adyoulike predicts advertising spend on native display, or infeed native, will consistently increase until 2025. Advertisers are going to spare no expense when it comes to programmatic native ads and the potential use of outstream native video advertising formats.

Release details from Verizon below:

At Verizon Media, we are deeply focused on delivering trusted content, connections and commerce to people around the world. Today, we accelerate this business strategy by exclusively offering premium native programmatic advertising opportunities built for brand safety in Apple News and Stocks across iPhone, iPad and Mac in Australia, Canada and the U.K.

Apple News is a highly-personalized, curated news experience that shares our commitment to providing quality stories from trusted outlets to large audiences. We believe that such content experiences provide meaningful consumer engagement opportunities for brands with relevant, engaging advertising.

This news builds on a strong year of native advertising growth for Verizon Media, where we’ve seen our diverse native formats drive 11x the average engagement of a traditional banner ad.1 We’ve quickly become a thriving native marketplace for scalable and exclusive premium supply, and are excited to expand our premium content experiences to millions of readers through Apple News and Stocks in Australia, Canada and the U.K. 

The future of premium media will be powered by trust.