Verizon Native Works For Bannersnack

One advertiser spent almost $8,000 on Verizon Media native advertising and was pleased with the results when compared to traditional pay-per-click ads found on Google and Bing.

Bannersnack, an all-in-one design platform, spent $7,444 on five months of advertising campaigns (from March 1st up to July 31st) on Verizon Media Native and realized over 25m with an average cost-per-click (CPC) which did not exceed $1.

When compared to typical CPC cost on Google Ads and Bing, less than $1 per click is good news for PPC specialists looking to lower their costs.

The case study derived from the collected data showed that investing in advertising on this particular platform could be a great alternative if you’re interested in low CPC and boosting your brand awareness using smaller budgets than on its competitor platforms such as Bing or Google Ads.

Verizon Media Native (formerly known as Oath Native and Search) is a marketplace that offers native advertising; what makes native ads special is the fact that they feel as if they’re part of the user experience, which can boost engagement.

The goal of this case study performed by Bannersnack was to see what kind of results they could harvest after using this advertising platform, pinpoint its strong and weak aspects and overall determine whether it’s worth the time and money.

The campaigns were created with the purpose of bringing more traffic to the Bannersnack website. When it comes to the target audiences, you have the same options you can find on other advertising platforms, but Verizon Media Native comes with something extra, which is the option to use Partner Data (meaning additional audiences are provided by external data partners).

However, the case study also showed that the budget spent on retargeting campaigns had the best results and that mobile campaigns brought the best CTR, while the video ads performed poorly, with a high CPC, and geographical targeting proved to be less accurate than expected.