About PPN

Product Placement & Advertising News is the leading publication for advertisers, publishers and content producers involved in every aspect of integrated, native and programmatic advertising.

It was 1982 when ET handed Reese’s Pieces to Elliot and sales of Hershey’s peanut butter candy increased by 80%.  Since that film, the concept of modern-day integrated advertising has been on the mind of every brand manager and marketing whiz.

With the explosion of American Idol’s ‘in-your-face’ Coke integration in the summer of 2003, the market for integrated advertising exploded 30.5% to over $3.46 billion in 2004 and to over $5 billion in 2006.

Several years later, advertisers are not only integrated into entertainment, but also appear to be part of the editorial process with the explosion of native advertising.

And with the explosion of both programmatic advertising and influencer marketing, advertisers continue to shift budgets from traditional advertising to alternative marketing strategies.

Product Placement & Advertising News was founded as ‘Product Placement News’ in 2002 by Jeff Greenfield.  One of the early pioneers in branded entertainment, Greenfield predicted that the growth of the digital marketplace would have a huge impact on traditional advertising and that both both publishers and brands would need to make changes in their marketing practices.

Greenfield’s history of technology and marketing initiatives have served blue-chip clients including: GlaxoSmithKline, Kimberly-Clark, Sony, Black & Decker, Forest Labs, Plum Creek and more.  He is currently focused on the issue of advertising attribution measurement as the Co-founder and Chief Attribution Officer of C3 Metrics.

Contributors Include:

Dahvin Greenfield
Dahvin Greenfield is a marketing manager with proven growth and brand launch experience.

Cathy Schultz, Ph.D.
Cathy Schultz, Ph.D. is a history professor at the University of St. Francis in Illinois, and writes the syndicated column, History in the Movies, which runs in newspapers nationally.

Devin Cambridge
Devin Cambridge is Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge and Smith, LLC, a project management and engineering consultancy servicing the entertainment and communications industries.

Cinematters is a nationally syndicated column that helps parents bring big-screen lessons to life in a way kids enjoy, understand, and can apply to their lives. Cinematters appears in newspapers, regional parenting magazines and on select parenting Web sites, capturing a combined readership of nearly 3,000,000.